Video Corsi Maya e zBrush – Effetti Speciali

This post is pretty out of the line with respect to this blog’s contents, but as you can see this php blog hasn’t been updated for a while.

It will come back, and it will boost some pretty strong new content. I have spent last year developing an eLearning system and it turned out to be a pretty decent cms as well.

Among other things, I plan to write about handling video pseudo streaming in a secure way, voting and discussing posts, creating a content dripping system and an automatic renewal plan.

But for now let me point to a few urls related to the system I developed. One is corso maya and is the placeholder for a forthcoming online course about the popular 3D rendering software. Guess its code is a little more complex than a php script.

The other, corso zbrush is an already active online training on zbrush, a virtual sculpting tool used even to create the monsters in pirates of the caribbeans (go figure!). Both trainings are not in english, nor is this site effetti speciali cinema which is a free resource on history and techniques of visual effects in cinema. This is a non profit site, with an english version currently under developement by yours truly. Or, rather, by my fellow webdesigner, as I am only writing a php wordpress plugin to improve searching.

Again, I will soon update this blog with some real, down to earth, php tutorial worth reading. An rss feed generation system and a sitemap creator, for example. All I have to do is to grab all the notes I took during developement and gather them into a final list of posts. Then it will be php blog time. Honest.

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Now we have everything set up. We only need to populate our theme with

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